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BC Celebrates Nutrition Month

Bernardo College celebrated Nutrition Day with a theme: "Healthy Diet, Growing Habit For Life", last July 31, 2017. The Bernardian students and teachers participated very well in all of the activities presented on that day. This truly showcased their talents and measured their capabilities.

This day started with a flag raising ceremony from which all of the students were informed about all the activities that will be held from that moment. An activity would not be challenging if there will be no healthy competition with one another. Listed below were the different fun-filled activities and the respective winners:

Remember that forward is still forward no matter how long you achieve it. Don't feel bad if you think you weren't able to achieve something in a day. Just wait for the blessings that are really meant for you. Someday you will shine the brightest, just don't stop giving your best! As I conclude, let us ponder with a wise saying here:

"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget."

-Alfred Mercier


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