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The color blue as the background of the logo symbolizes the stability of the context of the school signifying the enduring excellence of the institution. With its interminable flaming torch on the right side being inexorably held by a right hand, it immortalizes the guiding light for learning with its rays that stand for the school’s eminence. The left hand holds an open page where the core values of the school are scribbled.


The core values are Discimus, Laboral, and Servitium (Learning, Labor, and Service respectively). Learning and labor are the prominent core values inculcated in each of the Bernardians, whereas service is the ultimate application of learning and labor after having exited from the institution. Denoting distinctions among other academic institutions, the rays of the sun provides radiating light at the middle of the logo that embodies the institution’s blaze of glory.

Vision and Mission

Guided by its vision and mission statement, Bernardo College aims to provide affordable quality education to its students and serve as breeding ground for job-ready professionals...

The Alma Mater Song

In addition to the basic school services and guided by the Bernardian Vision and Mission, Bernardo College takes pride in offering the following...

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