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Bernardo College dreams to produce competent learners

whose capabilities enable them to realize their full potential

as life-long learners and as responsible members of the society.

Moreover, it envisions itself as a learner-centered private institution,

constantly improving itself to better serve its stakeholders,

thus establishing Bernardo College

as a pinnacle of learning institution.




Guided by its vision, Bernardo College will be

a premier institution of innovative learning 

that provides quality education that is

Christian, Humane and Caring in principle;

Holistic in Intellectual, Emotional, and SocialGrowth;

Nationalistic and Globally Competitive in Character.



An education that is Christian in principle aims to develop persons who...

- Follow Christ's works and teachings

- Integrate moral values and respect the other religious denominations.


An education that is humane and caring in orientation aims to develop persons who...

- Are thoughtful and concerned for the well-being of family members, teachers, administrators, staff, and classmates.

- Are sensitive to the needs of others.


An education that is holistic in intellectual, emotional, and social growth aims to develop persons who are...

- Disciplined, self-reliant, creative, productive, and intelligent individuals.


An education that is nationalistic and globally competitive in character aims to develop persons who have...

- Deep love for country, its rich culture and tradition.

- Respect for environment, is service-oriented, and who can contribute to the growth of national development.

-Fully trained and skilled individuals in response to global competitiveness.

I spent 4 years studying at BC and this was an absolutely unforgettable period in my life. While studying, I grew as an individual, learned to interact and talk to people from different backgrounds. 

Justin Ternate

IV - Pascal, Batch '14-'15

The activities in BC has truly helped me overcome my shyness. The people there are very supportive and friendly. My experience here has been very great!

Nica Napa

6 - Excellence, Batch '15-'16

I have always felt lucky to be a student at BC and not in any other private school. I get to receive overwhelming support from everyone and I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved without them.

Vianca Mae Apostol

IV - Pascal, Batch '14-'15

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The Logo

The color blue as the background of the logo symbolizes the stability of the context of the school signifying the enduring excellence of the institution...

The Alma Mater Song

In addition to the basic school services and guided by the Bernardian Vision and Mission, Bernardo College takes pride in offering the following...

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