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Senior High School Department

Bernardo College is now K-12 READY!


After the completion of requirements for the K-12 curriculum, BC is now offering Senior High School Academic and Technical-Vocational tracks. Under the Academic Track, BC offers Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM), Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and General Academic Strand (GAS). Aside from these courses, BC also offers the Technical-Vocational Track composed of the Home Economics (HE), Industrial Arts (IA), and Information Technology (ICT) courses.


With wide choices of course offering, BC believes that the students are now empowered to build their future careers. For that reason, Senior High School Bernardian graduates are expected to:




  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial-mindedness

  • Exhibit critical and analytical thinking skills in addressing adversaries 

  • Demonstrate high degree of synthesizing skills in creating products and performing tasks




  • Manifest high degree of  innovation in the workplace

  • Demonstrate impartiality in dealing with all kinds of clients, patrons, and stakeholders

  • Demonstrate the virtue of honesty at all times 

Bernardo College Admissions Office



Office hours:

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm / Sat: 8am - 3pm


Tel. nos.:

(+632) 8-872-6204 / 8-873-3330 - Phone

(+632) 8-872-1129 - Fax






a) With Academic Distinction

b) Multiple Enrollment: Two                    brothers/sisters or more

c) Early Enrollment: Enroll on or              before March 31 of this year

d) Parent is an Educator/Teacher

e) Parent is an ALUMNUS of                    Bernardo College




A. Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)


Students who intend to take this strand are those to pursue higher education and take the following possible bachelor courses in:


  • Bachelor of Elementary Education

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino


B. Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management

  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management


C. General Academic Strand (GAS)


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


D. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)





A. Home Economics (HE)


  • Household Services

  • Housekeeping

  • Food & Beverage Services

  • Front Office Services

  • Bread & Pastry Production

  • Travel Services

  • Tour Guiding Services

  • Bartending


B. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


  • Computer Hardware Servicing

  • Computer Programming


C. Industrial Arts (IA)


  • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

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